Medical Students

Daniel Soroudi (MS1) - Communications & Executive Council Coordinator

Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, Daniel graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Biology. Throughout his college years, he participated in various research projects focused on molecular biology and genetics.Daniel hopes to continue learning about surgical fields and procedures through SIG. In addition to his academic pursuits, Daniel is passionate about international policy and humanitarianism. He enjoys traveling and immersing himself in new cultures.

Why I'm interested in surgery: Daniel's interest in surgery began during his shadowing experiences in college, where he saw firsthand the tremendous impact that surgeons can have on patients' lives. He was particularly impressed with the tangible results that surgery can produce, such as improved mobility, reduced pain, and increased quality of life. He was also struck by the precision and attention to detail required in surgical procedures, which he found intellectually stimulating. Through his involvement with SIG he hopes to expand his knowledge and skills about the surgical field.

Tina Mai (MS1) - Organ Transplant Elective Co-coordinator​

My name is Tina, and I grew up in Pomona, California. I graduated from UCSD in 2020, and served a year in AmeriCorps during my gap year. In addition to SIG, I am also on the Curriculum Team in HealthLink, a high school mentorship program preparing students into health professional careers. Interested in academia medicine, I hope to join the PTP team and pursue my passion for teaching. During my free time, I love playing tennis, experimenting with new recipes, and going camping with my friends.

Why I'm interested in surgery: I love the procedural aspect of surgery, and hope to improve my technical skills.



Taylor Walker (MS1) - Organ Transplant Elective Co-coordinator 

Taylor grew up in a small beach town in Western Michigan before moving to Arizona where he attended Northern Arizona University for his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences. He then worked in various clinical labs before attending UCSF. In addition to SIG, Taylor is involved with PrideMed and the Point of Care Ultrasound elective. In his free time Taylor enjoys rock climbing, video games and playing the ukulele.

Why I'm interested in surgery: I am interested in surgery because it is a tangible way that surgeons make a difference in the lives of their patients. I am a very visual person so being able to physically see the cause of disease states is super engaging to me. At UCSF I am very lucky to be able to shadow many different types of surgery and I am falling more in love with the specialty(s) every day!

Neema Rashidi​ (JMP) - JMP Representative

Neema grew up in Indiana, Oregon, and the Central Valley of California. He graduated from UC Berkeley where he majored in Molecular and Cell Biology and minored in Data Science. Neema is also involved in White Coats for Black Lives and the OHNS Interest Group. Interests include baking new recipes, weightlifting, board games, and Notion.

Why I'm interested in surgery: I became interested in surgery after my first time in the OR. The team-based approach, the technical skills of the surgeon, and the immediate impact being made all greatly appealed to me. I'm excited to learn more about the world of surgery and connect with classmates with similar interests.

Alex Youn (MS1) - OR Assist Elective/Resident Mentor Match Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Youn (he/him), and I am a current MS1. I was born in Pasadena, CA (Go Lakers, Go Dodgers), but I grew up mostly in San Jose, CA. For undergrad, I went to Harvard, and after graduation, I returned to the Bay Area for my gap year! To be at such a wonderful medical school in UCSF—and so close to home—is such a blessing :) Other than SIG, I'm involved in the Admissions Advisory Council (AAC), Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG), Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Interest Group (OHNS-IG), APAMSA, and some other organizations!

Why I’m interested in surgery: In my albeit limited experience and exposure, surgery seems so fascinating; it's almost like an artform that requires not only technical skill but also creativity. Also, surgery provides such a tangible and hands-on way to provide patient care, and I feel like all of these elements fit my personality style really well!



Matthew McLaughlin (MS1) - Surgery Skills Workshops Coordinator​

Hi everyone, my name is Matthew. I grew up in Sacramento, CA but went east to Harvard for undergrad, where I studied chemistry. I took two gap years to work at the SF Department of Public Health on pharmacological clinical trials for people with substance use disorders (harm reduction is a big passion of mine). On campus, I'm involved in the Plastic Surgery Interest Group, help coordinate the Transgender and Gender Expansive Health Elective, and participate in a variety of research projects.

Why I'm interested in surgery: I really enjoy the technical expertise involved in surgery and have always loved to work with my hands. I've always been passionate about working with marginalized populations and want to continue to provide surgical care to these folks. My specific interests include gender-affirming surgery and trauma care.


Natasha Gonzalez (MS1) - Surgery Skills Workshops Coordinator​

I'm from San Diego, California and played tennis at Harvard. Outside of SIG, I volunteer at Clinica Martin Baro and enjoy eating snacks from the MSC!

Why I'm interested in surgery: I'm interested in surgery because I like working on a team to solve acute problems. I'm especially interested in surgical education for left-handed people.

Elizabeth Raby (MS1) - Lecture Series Coordinator

I am from new Mexico and graduated in 2021 from the University of New Mexico with a BSc in Biochemistry and BA in Spanish. I took a gap year after graduating to work in a translational cancer research lab that studied Breast Cancer Metastasis. In addition to SIG I am a Co-Lead Director for the UCSF Cardic Camp and a coordinator for the High Value Care elective. Outside of school I love spending time outdoors hiking and running!

Why I'm interested in surgery: Surgery interests me because surgeons have the ability to diagnose the problems their patients present with and with innovative technology and surgical techniques intervene to treat their conditions and provide effective relief from illness.